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is tissue donation right for you?

Almost anyone can donate brain tissue for research through the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. Learn more about eligibility requirements here.

By choosing to donate your brain, you are supporting the research in prevention, treatment and cure of all types of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s. Donated brain tissues will be carefully stored at the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. Samples from the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank have been sent to researchers across North America, Europe and the Middle East, making them an essential worldwide resource!

ready to donate? 

To learn more about the brain donation process, you can find more information at the following links:


brain banking process

When someone requests a brain autopsy with donation for research, half of the brain is retained by the neuropathologist at the hospital while the other half is provided to the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank for research. The brain tissue for research is either 'fixed' and transferred to a storage solution or frozen to preserve the tissue. Once the diagnosis is confirmed at the hospital, the tissue is made available for use in scientific research.


The Maritime Brain Tissue Bank receives a number of brain donations each year from people who have lived with a diverse range of neurodegenerative diseases. Brains from people who do not have dementia or are cognitively normal are also donated, and these are important for research because they can be used as controls for comparison.

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